Guests would love to sleep in your hotel. Can they find it?

ZenRez makes your hotel bookable on all channels...

Sell more rooms by massively increasing your reach.

All rates and availability are managed through ZenRez so that you have one view on all sales channels.

ZenRez integrates with all major PMS’s so that your front desk is always in-synch with your other sales channels.

Zenith has an expert team of revenue managers that can operate ZenRez for you. Our managed services ensure the best performance for your hotel on all sales channels while enabling you to stay focused on your guests.

ZenRez offers global distribution reach.

• 4 GDS’s
• All Major OTA’s (200+)
• Web booking engine, customized
• Mobile booking engine, customized
• Facebook booking engine app, customized
• In-house call center module

ZenRez empowers sales and marketing to increase profitability while saving time:

  • Manage channels individually or in a single update
  • Automatic price calculation for linked prices Automatic price alerts by occupancy
  • Price promotions either as free nights or percent/absolute discount
  • Multiple VATs with seasonality, local bed or tourist taxes
  • Multi-room bookings with flexible room and rate selection
  • Add-on services combined with any rate plan or booked separately

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