Your bank account is lighter than it should be.

ZenPricer makes each sale more profitable by recommending the best selling price...

ZenPricer increases your margins by recommending the most profitable selling price of your hotel rooms.

We apply latest advances in statistics theory to process historical data, occupancy, competitor pricing and events that affect market demand.

ZenPricer does not lead to lower prices to increase occupancy. Zenpricer determines the best selling price that will increase your REVPAR and increase your profits.

Zenpricer offers global distribution reach.

• A super-easy-to-use tool
• Optional pricing overrides
• Explanations for rate changes

ZenPricer empowers sales and marketing to increase profitability while saving time:

  • Improved hotel profitability
  • Consistent pricing strategy
  • Enforcement of rate-parity
  • Improved occupancy
  • Profitable customers

ZenPricer is seamlessly integrated with the ZenRez CRS but can be used as a stand-alone module.

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